The Benefits Of Online Counselling and Coaching Services

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The Benefits Of Online Counselling and Coaching Services

In 2020 we were required to face a global pandemic that up until now has changed our lives. I see people required to work for at least 8 hours wearing a mask in an attempt to protect themselves or their beloved ones. I see people being afraid of their health and safety as they are vulnerable to the novel COVID – 19. I have seen individuals who every day go to their workplaces being anxious of bringing this ‘pestilence’ back to their homes. Working and socialising are basic human needs nowadays. I also see people who require support and counselling or coaching who are reluctant to engage with the appropriate professionals online.

There are many benefits of engaging with your professional online, especially in the era that we are currently going through. One of the most crucial benefits nowadays of having counselling online is that you avoid exposure to the virus and that you keep yourself and the counsellor safe. By choosing to receive these services online also you will be able to be in contact with your counsellor or coach even if there is another lockdown imposed upon us. Many people would argue that the most important factor for counselling outcomes is the relationship between the counsellor and the client. I would argue that nowadays reassuring the safety of both is the most important factor as if there are risks or anxieties of contracting the virus then the relationship between the two parties will be impacted significantly.

Since many individuals are required to do budget cuts, but still require assistance, having counselling and or coaching online can ensure better prices for the services you require and save you a lot of time. My personal belief is that time is our most valuable currency, so I choose to spend it wisely. Apart from this online therapy can provide you with the ease of access that you require. At the comfort and safety of a place that you choose, without having to get into tubes, taxis or any other transportation means you could receive the service that you require. The counsellor and or coach also will be able to provide you with a cost-effective service as themselves will not be required to travel or to rent a space suitable to deliver their services to you the client. A simple internet connection and a computer and or phone will only be the equipment you need.

I have seen in the web many individuals criticising online therapy as it does not provide enough non – verbal interaction between counsellor and or coach and client. There is truth to this criticism. Those individuals criticising online counselling or coaching do so as they do not consider receiving those services through video call. Here in Changetobe LTD we offer our services solely via video call or face to face as we consider non – verbal communication to be of importance. Here I would argue that online consultations via video call allow the counsellor and coach to be closer to each other and without wearing masks. Facial expressions covered by a mask are of importance during the process of counselling or coaching.

Concluding online counselling and coaching can provide many exceptional benefits to you or your company. So why not choose it over face to face? I have worked and still working with countless people who have benefited from using our services online. Currently, we offer our services remotely. A simple message to our Facebook page, Instagram or email will bring you closer to us and give us the opportunity to brief you on our services. If you choose so you can also send us the next topic that you would like to be featured on our next article. Take a look at our client testimonials at