As leaders, it is our duty to meet the needs of people, the economy, and the environment in the present time, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

In this, 5-hour, interactive workshop, we will embark on a journey of personal reflection and revelation, in our transition from transformational to sustainable leaders.

Topics covered:

  • How do we inspire, stimulate and influence our people today? Lessons learned from a transformational leader 
  • Sustainable leadership-what is it about and how does it differ from transformational? 
  • Our journey to sustainable leadership-Where is our sailboat going? – An application of Positive Psychology

When: September 6th, 2023

Time: 16.00-21.00

Where: Skopje, N. Macedonia

Participation fee: 95 euro


1. Transformational Leadership: Juwana Jenkins shares her experiences as a coach and corporate trainer in helping managers learn how to bring the best out of their people and establish an engaging organizational culture

  • What is your leadership style today?
  • Why the carrot and stick approach doesn’t work anymore?
  • How can you engage your people “the transformational way”?

2. Sustainable Leadership: Sotiris Karagiannis will discuss what managers need to become the leaders who can lead their teams and organizations to sustainable competitive advantage and growth

  • The six Cs of sustainability
  • One or multiple leaders?
  • Building a sustainable organizational culture

3. Our journey to sustainable leadership: Where is our sailboat going? – An application of Positive Psychology: Juwana Jenkins and Sotiris Karagiannis will help you find your direction to deal with unplanned and emergent change with confidence

  • Finding your true north
  • Dealing with change
  • Where are you in your Change House?

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