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We help people become the change they wish to be in their business lives.

A team of experienced Corporate trainers, psychologists and counsellors combine forces to offer cutting-edge services to people who want to take control of their own future.



In-company Corporate training and development: Together, we co-design value-adding workshops that are fully aligned with your needs. For best results, we will set Key Performance Indicators to measure the impact of our workshops on the performance and engagement of your people. Our aim is to deliver workshops that develop skills, knowledge, and an attitude towards positive transformation and change.
Public workshops: Most of our workshops are also offered as public for individual employees or managers.
If you want to explore yourselves further, evolve as a person or deal with your life's challenges, we are here for you. In a collaborative, trust-building environment, we will help you acquire the tools and knowledge to lead the life you want.



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will help your people set SMART performance goals, find solutions to work-related issues and feel empowered and confident in their abilities to experience growth and flow.

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Our clients' feedback

Having worked with several therapists across my life, this has actually been the first experience that I have found to be positive, and helps me deal with my ongoing psychological issues. These sessions have allowed me to take pragmatic approaches to my experiences, and also has made me view certain situations in new perspectives which I had previously overlooked. Although it is still a difficult and painstaking process, I feel that I have come away from these sessions with positivity rather than despair that nothing will change for me.
Mina Hollace
n unfailingly positive and supportive experience. I particularly value the consistency of the process, which enables each session to build on the insights of the last, whilst still allowing space to explore new ideas and directions week-by-week. I always feel confident in the approach and have learned that tackling challenging questions directly leads to the most valuable insights and new perspectives. I have felt a steady and constructive progression through the issues that brought me to therapy – the outcome is a better understanding of myself and a clearer, more empowered vision of my future
Madley Pondor
Though the process of therapy is overwhelming I feel both supported and challenged in the right ways, helping me to learn about myself and attempt to overcome the difficulties I face in my life, past present and future
Luvic Dubble
When i started the sessions with Panagiotis i was mostly in doubt of myself, capabilities and strengths. During our therapy i learnt that it's actually a strength to know your limits and it shouldn't be perceived as a weakness if you are not able to push yourself further. Being able to put boundaries and gain confidence yo yourself is the most important thing to find balance, everything else will follow. Having a bit of faith to the universe and staying positive is also crucial. He also supported me by showing me several techniques better ways to relax and find that small place in my head where i can get some piece and quite that we so desperately need sometimes but we don't realise it till we find it. I would like to thank him for being my therapist and believing in me from out first session, he did make all the difference.
Florence Themes

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